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Watch Jay-Z’s New Animated Video for “The Story of O.J.” – HipHopCulture.TV


As politicians, media, and the non-justice system join forces to make it clear that America is waging a war on Black people around the globe by allowing police and race soldiers to murder black people on camera with impunity, is this what we have all been waiting for? For jay to spit some conscious ish’. One of the realest tracks off JAY-Z‘s new 4:44 album is the second track “The Story of O.J.” , Jay-Z teams up with No I.D. to remind black people around the world that regardless of your social-economic status, systematic racism views us all as n!gg3rs, and not in the way we use it among each other, but the way it was used by white genocidal psychopaths that openly enslaved us in the 1700s and privately enslave us through the prison industrial complex today.  You can watch it below via Tidal.

Directed by Jay-Z and Mark Romanek, the animated video stars a character named Jaybo who eats watermelon and picks cotton before meeting a sudden end. The video is rather dark, but it speaks to how personal this new album is to Jay, and how universal the story is for all black people.


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