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Listen to JAH$EE – Wraps (feat. 21 Grams)

Greenburgh, NY hip-hop artists JAH$EE and duo 21 Grams highlight the stringent New York legislation that historically over prosecutes black youth for non-violent drug offenses and takes away the second amendment right to bear arms. When weed is legal in California, Colorado, and Washington, DC,  there is no reason New York residents should still be burdened by laws that prevent them from participating in this cure-all medicinal herb.

“Wraps” opens up with a dissonant hypnotic beat that makes your head bop up and down and your mind spin round and round. The single unfolds a platform for a sound that blends OG New York flows with a bounce familiar to the west coast tracks. Jah$ee’s Nas-like flow and 21 Grams’ cunning lyricism provide a sound that resonates coast to coast. “Wraps” is a solid representation of the new sounds blooming out of the tri-state area; the kind of sound booming from the speakers as you ride with the windows down or bumping through your headphones as you’re rolling up loud. These artists bring hip-hop back to its roots – raw sounds influenced by the greatest with a fresh perspective.



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