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Michael Eric Dyson Blames Black Men For Hillary Loss

Michael Eric Dyson continues to play the fence as he panders to black women, homosexuals, feminists, and the Democratic party. In a desperate attempt to sell books, get booked for academic speeches and, church sermons. Michael continues to his pattern of speaking fast, quoting rappers,Read More »

The Importance of Black Empowerment in Music, Film, and TV

  Only massive Black American access to mass media production can undo the negative stereotypes used to portray Black people in America. Since the 1940s, critics have charged the entertainment industry alongside the federal and state governments with neglect, or even conspiracy in denying blacksRead More »

Race War: Richard Spencer on Blacks And The Confederate Flag

The Black Channel Films gives us an excerpt from the monumental upcoming documentary Race War. White nationalist Richard Spencer explains the “beauty” of the Confederacy and why Blacks can’t see it. Keep up with this critical project at www.racewarmovie.comRead More »

The NAACP Decides to Join the Fight for Black Justice, Will it Last?

The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund (LDF) submits petition to the U.S. Supreme Court to overrule a lower court that cleared officers in the Taser killing of an unarmed Black man in 2013. LDF filed a petition on Friday May, 18 2018. If the appeal isRead More »

Memorial Day: Tiger Woods, Dr. Nathan Connolly, and Black Political Strategy

Irami Osie-Frimpong form The Funky Academic fills in for Yvette Carnell form Breaking Brown to discuss why memorial day should be celebrated by Black people, as well as the impact of Tiger Woods on Black Society,  an interview with Dr. Nathan Connolly from Johns Hopkins University,Read More »

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