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The Importance of Black Empowerment in Music, Film, and TV

  Only massive Black American access to mass media production can undo the negative stereotypes used to portray Black people in America. Since the 1940s, critics have charged the entertainment industry alongside the federal and state governments with neglect, or even conspiracy in denying blacksRead More »

Nipsey Hussle Works With Space X to Create Worlds First Smart Store

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Rapper Kendrick Lamar Buys His Sister a Camry and Idiots Lose Their Minds

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Mo'Nique Reveals to Yvette Carnell She Was Only Paid $50k for "Precious" Oscar Performance

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"Boyce Watkin's Message is Highly Problematic and Not Based On Data"

California Attorney Antonio Moore from ToneTalks sits down with Yvette Carnell from Breaking Brown to dissect Boyce Watkin’s highly problematic message. In true ToneTalks fashion, Antonio Moore brings us data, unlike Boyce in this case.Read More »

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